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About Vaga Industries

Our Company

When Vaga Industries was established in 1966, we were one of the first Photo Chemical Machining job shops in Southern California. In the decades since, many other Photo Chemical Machining companies have come and gone, but none of them provides the kind of custom machining services that we do.

We are a third-generation precision Photo Chemical Machining manufacturer. We employ an experienced, long-tenured staff who know the ins and outs of photo etching metal. Our team works hard to ensure that our custom machining services meet or exceed customer expectations.

Vaga Customers

Vaga delivers high precision, high quality thin metal parts for customers in all industries. From implantable, bio-compatible components for medical devices to EMI shielding gaskets for electronics to jewelry, car parts, optical components, and more, we are the #1 choice for photo etching for countless companies.

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Our Services

At Vaga Industries, we take pride in providing the type of personal, hands-on customer service that larger companies can’t or won’t provide.

We work closely with our customers through every step of the Photo Chemical Machining process, from design conception to shipping of the final product, to guarantee that the parts they receive match their exact design. We offer design and manufacturing consultation to make the production of your parts as fast and cost-effective as possible.

Every piece we produce is 100% tailored to the needs of the customer. Using your designs and our Photo Chemical Machining expertise, Vaga will deliver parts that meet your unique specifications. Our custom Photo Chemical Machining service produces perfectly repeatable parts in turnaround times that fit your schedule and at prices that fit your budget.

No matter how simple or complex your designs, no matter how large or small your order, we do everything in our power to make your experience working with Vaga a pleasant one.

We are ISO 9001 and AS9100 certified in our quality control practices.

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