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Photo Chemical Machining Capabilities for All Industries

Vaga Industries uses photo chemical machining to produce high quality, high precision thin metal parts. Our specialized chemical etching capabilities enable us to create large and small parts, even those with complex, intricate designs, with exceptional accuracy. We pride ourselves on delivering parts that match our customers’ exact requirements and meet or exceed the tolerances and requirements of their industries.

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Customers from a broad range of markets have utilized our photo etching capabilities, including:

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Advantages of Photo Chemical Machining

Photo chemical machining offers many advantages that make the process perfect for producing parts with tight tolerance requirements, such as electrical connectors and components for implantable medical devices.

Photo etching is an efficient and accurate method of machining nearly any metal material. Vaga Industries has extensive experience in photo chemical machining metals ranging from aluminum, brass, and copper to titanium, molybdenum, and exotic alloys. Food safe, biocompatible, and other specialized metals can all be precision machined via our chemical etching processes. Because photo chemical machining does not cause work hardening, the material will exhibit all the same properties before and after processing.

Our photo chemical machining capabilities allow us to produce custom, thin metal parts quickly and efficiently. Our experience and expertise also makes the process perfectly repeatable—whether you need 100 parts or 100,000, every one will match your designs exactly. Photo etching is also a burr-free process, so no manual finishing work is required to make parts uniform.

See our Photo chemical machining page for more information.

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