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Photo Chemical Machining for the Automotive Industry

Photo chemical machining is one of the most effective methods for manufacturing metal parts for the automotive industry. With our precision photo chemical machining capabilities, Vaga Industries is a trusted partner to leading auto parts manufacturers. The advantages of photo etching are numerous: parts are stress-free, burr-free and precise.

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Photo Etching for Precision Auto Parts

Precision is a top priority for auto parts manufacturers. Because automakers are held to strict standards for safety and quality, precision parts are a must in the automotive industry.

Our photo chemical etching capabilities makes it possible for us to meet or exceed tight tolerances for auto parts. And, because repeatability is one of the advantages of chemical etching, Vaga Industries is able to produce the same high quality parts over and over again.

Vaga Industries machines all types of parts for the automotive industry, from antennas to heat sinks. By offering fast turnaround times and competitive pricing, we help our customers keep their projects on schedule and under budget.

Our team is capable of providing assistance at any stage of product development. We provide design and prototype assistance to our customers, which help to ensure that their products are the best they can be, and reach the market sooner.

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