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Aluminum Photo Chemical Machining

Complete Aluminum Photo Etching Services

Aluminum is known for its high strength-to-weight ratio and its versatility. Its chemical resistance and high temperature resistance make it popular for a wide range of applications. Aluminum is relatively inexpensive and readily available in numerous grades.

Photo chemical machining is a fast, efficient way to produce perfectly repeatable, thin, “two dimensional” aluminum parts and components. Vaga Industries is a longtime leader in aluminum photo etching.

Precision Aluminum Photo Etching

Because of the material’s unique properties, specialized chemistries and processes are required when photo chemical machining aluminum. Vaga Industries has the experience, expertise, and technology needed for acid etching aluminum parts and components from even the most intricate designs. We work with numerous grades of aluminum, and can help you select the ideal grade for your specific needs.

Photo chemical machining aluminum is a cost effective, highly repeatable process for manufacturing parts in low or high volumes, as well as prototype parts. Parts are burr-free, with unaffected surface finishes and no heat-affected zones. Half or partial etching is also possible, enabling us to produce unique details such as logos or lettering that vary in thickness but do not cut completely through the material.

Vaga stocks a large inventory of aluminum in various grades, and can provide all the material your project requires. We can also work with customer supplied materials in aluminum etching projects.

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