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Copper Photo Chemical Machining

Complete Copper Photo Etching Services

Copper offers high electrical conductivity, high thermal conductivity, and good corrosion resistance. It is a soft, ductile, yet strong material, and is available in a range of different grades. Copper is ideal for electronics and other applications that can benefit from its electrical and thermal conductivity.

Photo etching copper is a fast and efficient method of producing simple or complex thin, “two dimensional” parts. Vaga Industries offers turnkey copper photo etching services. Request a quote or contact us for more information.

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Precision Copper Chemical Etching

Vaga Industries uses various photo chemical processes to produce high precision, tight tolerance copper parts and components. We work with numerous grades of copper, and can help you determine the right grade for the performance and durability needs of your application.

Photo chemical machining copper is a highly repeatable, cost effective manufacturing process. We can produce high or low volume parts, as well as prototypes, that will meet your unique requirements, no matter how simple or complex your designs may be. Photo etching copper produces burr-free parts with no heat affected zones or work hardening, and causes no negative effects on surface finish. We can perform half or partial etching to produce intricate details such as logos or lettering that vary in thickness, but do not fully penetrate the material.

We have a large, readily-available inventory of copper in various grades, and can provide all the materials for your parts and components. We can also work with customer supplied materials in copper etching projects.

Request a quote today, or contact Vaga Industries to learn more about photo chemical machining copper.