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Photo Chemical Machining Parts

Experts in Photo Etching Metal

At Vaga Industries, photo etching metal is our specialty. Working with a wide range of metal materials, we can fabricate thin metal photo chemical machined parts that match our customers’ exact requirements.

Precision Photo Chemical Machining

Our precision chemical etching capabilities enable us to manufacture high quality, high precision parts in nearly any shape or configuration, no matter how complex or intricate the design. We have produced precision parts through photo etching for customers in a broad range of industries and applications, from medical and aerospace to electronics, energy, food processing, and more.

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Common Parts Made Via Photo Chemical Machining

There are essentially no limits to our photo chemical machining capabilities—if you’ve got a design, we can deliver the part you need. Common applications for our capabilities include:

What is Photo Chemical Machining?

Photo chemical machining is a fast, efficient, and cost-effective alternative to other production methods like stamping, punching, and laser cutting. Photo etching can produce finely detailed, thin metal parts with perfect repeatability over hundreds of thousands of pieces.

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