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Prototypes via Photo Chemical Machining

The Photo Chemical Machining Experts

With years of experience and acquired expertise, Vaga Industries can use photo chemical machining to deliver custom prototypes that match your exact designs. Because it offers high precision, quick turnaround times, and inexpensive tooling costs, photo chemical machining is an ideal process for prototype machining.

Creating A Prototype with Vaga Industries

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Thanks to the nature of Vaga Industries’ photo etching processes, our prototypes are burr-free, stress-free parts, with none of the unwanted deformation that can be caused by other manufacturing methods.

When creating prototypes via photo chemical machining, Vaga can produce multiple different designs at once, which can save production time if you’re trying to determine which version will work best for your product. Further design alterations can be made quickly and easily, and we offer discounted pricing on tooling changes. These factors make our prototyping services ideal for taking your parts through multiple iterations as you perfect your design.

Vaga works with a wide range of materials, and can deliver parts that perfectly match your prototype designs in as little as 1-3 weeks. Expedited processing is available for projects that require even faster turnaround.

In addition to chemical etching, we offer in-house forming and numerous secondary services, including heat treating and plating, to provide prototypes that match your unique specifications. Vaga offers one of a kind customer service that makes the transition easy when your prototype designs are ready to move into full production.

Request a quote on photo chemical machining for your prototype parts, or contact Vaga Industries for more information.