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Vaga Industries takes pride in the quality of our parts and components. Our photo chemical machining processes deliver burr-free, stress-free parts with no heat affected areas and none of the unwanted deformation that other manufacturing methods can cause. Photo chemical etching produces high precision, tight tolerance, perfectly repeatable parts, from the first piece to the hundred-thousandth. All parts are custom manufactured to match our customers’ exact design specifications.

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Is Vaga compliant with AS9100 and ISO9001?

Yes! We are AS9100D & ISO 9001 registered.

We perform thorough inspections before, during, and after production to ensure that our parts and components meet or exceed customer requirements.

What does AS9100D registration mean for me?

It means you can count on the fact that your parts will conform to the rigorous requirements of the aerospace industry. The requirements of AS9100 and the aerospace industry are in place to ensure a quality of manufacturing that is high enough to keep planes in the air and, when anomalies occur, that manufacturing defects have full traceability throughout the complete supply chain. This ensures that these potential issues in manufacturing can be captured and thoroughly checked. This is the level of rigor that we apply to every part we make. 

Vaga Industries is an approved manufacturer for many major aerospace suppliers, medical device OEMs, electronics manufacturers, and other companies whose industries require tight tolerance, high precision parts.

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