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Photo Chemical Machining for Computer Components

Manufacturing computer parts is no mean feat. A computer is comprised of hundreds of small, intricate parts that each need to meet a high standard for accuracy.

Through photo chemical machining, Vaga Industries can produce precision, thin metal parts that meet the tight tolerances that modern computers require. Our high precision, perfectly repeatable photo etching capabilities make us a leading manufacturer of computer parts.

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Manufacturing Computer Parts via Photo Etching

At Vaga Industries, we use photo etching to manufacture computer parts such as:

  • Bus bars
  • Circuit board shields
  • Connectors
  • Heat sinks
  • Washers

Computer manufacturers turn to Vaga Industries for the kind of precision and repeatability that is only possible with photo chemical machining. Whether you need 100 pieces or 100,000, the last part we produce will look exactly like the first.

To help our customers get their products to market as soon as possible, we provide design and prototype assistance. No matter where you are in the process of developing a product, we can meet you there and help you take it to the finish line.

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